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Anvil Search Group brings innovation to real-world client staffing challenges.

Certified Personnel Consultants

The Challenge for Clients: Not all individuals at major Retained Search Firms are certified.

Often staffed by three types of specialists:

  Those who handle client relationships
  Those who search and recruit
  Those who conduct interviews

Each member handles a small portion of the process. Often, team members are not staffing professionals. They are frequently business people variously schooled in interviewing methodology, business development methodology or a search methodology. But their understanding of and underlying connection to the marketplace is uncertain. They are not Certified Personnel Consultants and therefore lack the staffing industry's highest designation.

ASG Solution:
All searches are managed by CPC ( Certified Personnel Consultants ) the highest designation in the staffing industry. The interview, client relationship management and search management are done by one Certified Personnel Consultant. This hands-on participation by a Certified Personnel Consultant throughout the entire process insures the highest level of performance attainable in the staffing industry.

Reduce and control client T&E expenses and search fees

Client Challenges : Not all Major Retained Firms are cost-conscious

Searches cost considerably more than they should. Expenses are often accumulated through unnecessary travel and entertainment. Fees are often at the extreme high end of the spectrum. This cost is expressed in real currency cost. It is also expressed in time-investment cost. Client time and expense is sometimes wasted with "filler" candidates who will show up for interviews at the recruiter's behest but have no intention of taking the position.

ASG Solution:
ASG Certified Personnel Consultants never present "filler" candidates. We must observe ethical standards to maintain our industry certification as well as uphold our professional benchmarks for ethics or good business. We also:

  discourage our clients from making needless expenditures on travel and entertainment;

do most of our work over the telephone and over our extensive video conferencing networks.

Our CPC will benchmark your candidates carefully using a tiered screening-process and streamline the recruiting timeline by avoiding travel and entertainment expense (unless the client requests face-to-face meetings with the candidates by our team). Our fee structure aligns better with the realities of today's marketplace.

Least-restricted candidate search pool

Client Challenge: Not all  Major Retained Search Firms have unlimited access to available talent.


Over the years and with increased size of their client base Major Retained Search Firms often have a large number of companies that are off-limits for recruiting.

The candidate pool is constricted due to the recruiting firm's market restrictions. A rich, full-market search is impossible. The client is denied access to the broadest possible base of talent available in the marketplace.

ASG Solution:
Being smaller enables us to penetrate many more companies compared to our Major Retained Search competitors. We have fewer restrictions and we are used to rubbing shoulders within our marketplaces.

Substantial candidate replacement guarantee.

Client Challenge: Not all Major Retained Search Firms offer industry leading replacement guarantees. Most offer a narrow, 12-month replacement window.

Generally, it takes six months to a year for a company to assess the performance of a specific new employee. By that time the guarantee has already expired.

ASG model:
We believe our guarantee is the strongest in the staffing industry. We will guarantee our "C" level placements for up to 36-months. This guarantees our client sufficient time to test the candidate in real world performance. And if needed, we guarantee to provide capable, qualified replacement candidates at no extra cost.


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